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Kirk Kove Cottages is located on the shores of Big Gull Lake in Ontario, Canada


Big Gull Lake has been a fishing destination for generations

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2017 Newsletter

Hello all of you from Kirk Kove.  We hope all is well with you and your families.  We want to say “THANK-YOU” for making our past season memorable and successful. We are looking forward to next season.

Claire and I were honored our business was recognized for its historical significance to the County of Frontenac celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday.  Many thanks to all involved in the video is on the homepage.

In July we had a celebration to recognize Doug & Gerry Smith who had been coming to Kirk Kove for 50 years - since 1966.  I know many of you have met them over the years, great people and quite a milestone.

50 years of visiting Kirk Kove Resort on Big Gull Lake

Early September we also were honored to host the wedding for longtime friends of Kirk Kove. The photo below is the daughter of Wayne & Stephanie Reid, Erin and her new husband. The wedding went off perfectly and the weather was amazing.

Weddings at Kirk Kove Resort in Eastern Ontario

Thanksgiving was well attended this year as usual. Many family groups had a good time with great food.
Thanks for the invite.

Jim and Claire
See you in 2017!

2015 - 2016 Newsletter

Hello Everyone from Kirk Kove

Claire & I hope all is well.  It was great to have everyone back this past summer, and looking forward to seeing you all next summer.  Many fond memories for all of us.  Great to watch the kids grow up.

Unfortunately it’s sad to see some folks not return to Kirk Kove after so many years, but everyone of us are envious to the fact they have returned here year after year, for some more than 40 years consecutive, building a life time of memories with their families.  Currently we have a family that has been returning to Kirk Kove almost every year since 1937- a real history with our place.

Our repeat clientele are the back bone of our business.  Claire & I appreciate that you have stuck by us over the years (14 years) and weathered the ever increasing costs of operating  our business.  We have been very fortunate that new clients have also appreciated our operation and our repeat clientele’s hospitality and friendship, and most have rebooked for next season.
Thanks for welcoming them!

To show our appreciation to you all, we have set up some draws.  Check our home page for info.
Discounted :  Accommodations, Boat Storage.    GOOD  LUCK!

Good news for the upcoming season, the weather could only be better.  To our American friends your dollar is finally having a rebound.

Our new cottages are getting rave reviews, as you know here at Kirk Kove we always strive to upgrade our business to make your stay here more comfortable and memorable.

Currently we are changing our marina fuel tank to an above ground tank,  just want to be proactive about environmental concerns.  Our fuel is marine grade premium fuel, 91 octane which is ethanol free.  Obviously this fuel is more expensive, but money well spent for the sake of not losing valuable fishing and vacation time due to poor engine (motor) performance, eliminating frustration and unnecessary repair costs.

We are currently upgrading a few cottages, new metal roofs, windows, doors etc.

We have bought some new motors for our rental fleet of boats, not that the current ones don’t run great-  just staying current and fresh.

FISHING:  Walleye fishing was great this year and stayed good all summer and early fall.   The fishing is getting better every year for the past four years.  I have seen photos of these walleyes that were over
10 lbs. (Bring your camera) this spring.  The new walleye regulations have been a real hit with many anglers reporting releasing 75% of their catch due to the slot size.  These fish are there for you next year, fish that would have been taken before the new regulations.
Pike fishing really came along this year, most everyone reported catching a few of them, most are released.  Pike can be a real added bonus to a fishing holiday adding a little variety and experience.
At Kirk Kove Bass never seem to be missing at the many fish fries.  The lake is full of them large and small mouth.  Over the 14 years we have been here we always hear about how many small bass there are.  Obviously there are many large ones to test your skills.
Perch is one of our main food bases for walleye and pike on our lake.  We hear of numerous times over the season of perch over 12”, another great fishing experience for the kids as well.

Over the past seasons we have clientele try a different fishing experience.  Some have tried the
 French River other have done fly in fishing adventures.  Some of there comments were of a positive experience but most were disappointed.  Always great to have these people return to Kirk Kove year after year to what our lake and business have to offer.  Thanks for your support!!

In our 2015 Season we are having a video made to highlight our business and fishing and family vacations.  Maybe we will see you in it.

We have acquired a few more cottages. We appreciated your past efforts in promoting our business to your friends and family in the past.   Nothing like word of mouth advertising!!

Thanks Again
Jim & Claire

Kirk Kove Cottages 1945

Kirk Kove Postcard- Part of our History- circa 1955

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