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Kirk Kove Cottages is located on the shores of Big Gull Lake in Ontario, Canada


Big Gull Lake has been a fishing destination for generations

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2013 Newsletter

Hello all of you from Kirk Kove.  Claire & I hope all is well with all of you and we are looking forward to seeing you all again.

Claire & I have just returned from Florida for some time out and rest and relaxation.
The year 2013 is a big one for Kirk Kove.  It will be the resort’s 81st year in business (since 1932).  We would like to invite anyone with vintage pictures of vacations past to forward them to us and we will display them on our website as well as the store wall.  We would like to put the thought out there, if there would be any interest in people writing a short story of their memorable experiences of Kirk Kove and possibly putting the stories into a book format.  Kirk Kove has a rich history.

Claire & I are celebrating this year our 11th anniversary at Kirk Kove, it’s been a memorable and enjoyable experience for both of us.  I am sure we could write our own book.  We have met many great people and will enjoy a lifetime of memories.
2013 – The upgrading of our facility is steadily ongoing.  There are a few projects we have in mind for this year a larger bathroom for C9, a couple of new metal roofs, an upgrade of our water system, and a general over view of all the cottages.  Hopefully a few days on each one, small, mostly cosmetic repairs.

The past season was exceptional as always good people have great time at Kirk Kove.  Really nice to see  Kirk Kove is still and important part of so many people’s lives.

Fishing I would have to say was very good last year.  The bass as always was great, the pike were fair, and the walleye cooperated very well.  Many walleye fisherman reporting very good consecutive year hatches, 10”-12” which is a very positive sign for the years to come.  For those of you who have not heard, the new walleye regulations are in place.  I personally believe this will be great and the timing could not be better.   I am looking forward for the fishing now to go from good to great to exceptional, a premier walleye lake of Ontario.  We are fortunate to not have ended up with the regulation as Zone 11.  This was always considered a prime walleye fishery of northern Ontario, Lake Nippissing, The French River etc.  I presume the new limits imply over fishing.  Another change in the fishing regulations is bass season will now open 1 week earlier the third Saturday in June.  This will be an added fishing opportunity for those who are fishing walleye at that time.

For anybody interested in fishing Big Gull Lake and staying at Kirk Kove, I can assure you, you will be in the company of likeminded people.  We are more than willing to show fishing hot spots and techniques.  Feel free to call our toll free number to talk fishing or our business in general.

See you soon,

Jim & Claire

Kirk Kove Resort 1945


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